Alexander García Düttmann

For Making and Thinking, Alexander García Düttmann took part in a discussion about his notion of 'participation in art' with Karoline Gritzner. This dialogue followed on from Düttmann's presentation of the previous day - an event organised by the Centre for Theatre, Performance and Philosophy. The abstract for this talk is below.

Title: Quasi. Antonioni and Participation in Art

Abstract: This talk considers the difficulty of participation in art. When thematised, such participation seems to trigger a kind of undoing of the work, for its two aspects are difficult to reconcile. The one who relates to an artwork, or participates in it, must forget that it is an artwork; yet he must also remember the fact that it is an artwork, something produced by an artist. We do both each time we relate to an artwork. But can we do both at the same time? This question will be addressed with reference to a little-known film by Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni: "Preface: The Screen Test" (1964). The (short) film will be screened before the talk and the discussion.

Bio: Alexander García Düttmann studied philosophy in Frankfurt am Main and Paris. He lives in London and teaches philosophy at Goldsmiths College (University of London). Recent publications: Philosophy Of Exaggeration (Frankfurt: Suhrkamp 2004; London and New York: Continuum 2007), That’s How It Is. A Philosophical Commentary On Adorno’s “Minima Moralia” (Frankfurt: Suhrkamp 2004), Erase The Traces (Berlin and Zurich: Diaphanes 2004), Visconti: Insights Into Flesh And Blood (Berlin: Kadmos 2006; Stanford: Stanford University Press 2008) and Derrida and I (Bielefeld: Transcript 2008).

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