Matthew Goulish, Lin Hixson & Laura Cull

Diluted manifesto

The proposed chapter – Diluted manifesto – takes the Deleuzian idea of the ‘inclusive disjunction’ as the creative constraint that will generate both its form and content. Each of the three authors will write three separate yet related pieces, of 300 words, 600 words, and 1,200 words in which they will propose two contradictory ideas followed by a declaration of a third position which is the ‘becoming’, rather than the reconciliation, of the first two. The nine sections will then be structured as a whole – in a configuration determined arbitrarily or by a chance process – in order to generate a collective and multiple enunciation.

Post-identity, the chapter will contend, we must explore the politics of the logic of the ‘and’, or Barthes’ logic of the neutral, finding new ways to assemble two apparently contradictory positions without resolving their difference through some kind of Hegelian synthesis. From this perspective, contradiction is reconfigured as ‘becoming’: the politics of which lie in its refusal of ‘conflict’ in favour of affirming ‘perpetual variation’. Whether we are discussing performance or philosophy, the refusal to provide a program of action or to take a position is not apolitical, the chapter will suggest. Rather, the politics of performance and philosophy of post-identity lie in the multiplication of realities or ways of thinking.

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