Notes from Copenhagen

The Performance & Philosophy working group had its 1st meeting during PSi 14 in Copenhagen on the 23rd of August 2008.

- All members introduced themselves and their research interests, completing a form with this information plus their contact details which were subsequently put into a members database on this wiki.
- In attendance were both graduate students and faculty from a range of international institutions.

The relation between philosophy & performance
- We quickly moved on to a discussion of the relationship between philosophy and performance.
- It was noted that Philosophy, as a field, remains largely unaware of Performance Studies scholarship
- Many expressed an interest in the question of the role or function of "theory" in Performance Studies, noting the risk of merely applying philosophy to performance, rather than also addressing the question of how performance thinks.
- Members suggested that future activities might include presenting a Performance Studies panel in the context of a Philosophy conference and/or, of bringing more philosophers into PSi conferences.

Aberystwyth - 31st January 2009
- The Chair, Laura Cull, invited all members to participate in the next meeting of the group which will be held at the Centre for Theatre, Performance and Philosophy (CTPP) in Aberystwyth on the 31st Jan 2009.
- It was noted that many members live too far away to attend a one-day meeting in the UK, however it was suggested that parallel meetings might take place in other locations.

PSi 15 - Zagreb - June 2009
- The Chair proposed that the group work towards submitting 2 panel proposals for the next PSi conference.
- It was noted that the deadline for submissions is Nov. 1st.

Other proposed activities
- It was suggested that the PPWG construct an annotated bibliography of performance & philosophy. This could function as a tool for researchers, indicating where to start reading if, for instance, one is interested in Merleau-Ponty and performance; Deleuze and performance etc.

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