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ABRAMS, Josh Roehampton University, UK||smarba.j Levinas, philosophical ethics
ABRANTES, Eduardo New University of Lisbon (FCSH UNL) moc.liamg|setnarbaodraude#moc.liamg|setnarbaodraude aesthetics, film, performance, theatre, phenomenology of sound and acoustic presence
AID, Kate University of Pennsylvania||diak Francophone and postcolonial literature and theory, dance, gender and sexuality studies, performance, comparative historiographies
ARAYA, Kinga Ringling School of Art and Design moc.ayaraagnik|ak#moc.ayaraagnik|ak deconstruction - Derrida, formlessness - Bataille, Deleuze, Guattari, Yves-Alain Bois, Krauss
BAMPALI, Dora UvA, Amsterdam moc.oohay|3002broda#moc.oohay|3002broda Badiou, theory and practice as multistable images (see the duck/rabbit in visual theory and Wittgenstein), physiological perception as a paradigm for the construction of conceptual models
BEE, Adam moc.liamelgoog|mada.eeb#moc.liamelgoog|mada.eeb contemporary performance (Dance, Live Art, Theatre) and late 20th century philosophy; Sartre, Baudrillard, and performance companies such as Blast Theory
BLEEKER, Maaike Utrecht University||rekeelb.ekiaam theatricality of philosophy, staging, theatre as mode of thinking, Deleuze, Massumi, Badiou
BOEHLER, Arno University Vienna, Department of Philosophy. GRENZ_Film, cultural factory Vienna.||relheob.onra Philosophy On Stage, Thinking Bodies. Continental Philosophy (Greek Philosophy, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Deleuze, Derrida, Nancy) and Indian Philosophy (Patañjali). Homepage:
BORK PETERSEN, Franziska Stockholm University/FU Berlin||nesretep.krob.aksiznarf choreography, utopianism, Body Studies, Gender Studies, fashion, animals, Deleuze, abstraction, analytical strategies, walking, architecture
BROINOWSKI, Adam University of Melbourne||zsujcarg Body in performance in 20th century Japan: Hijikata, Murayama, Kaitaisha
BRUNNER, Christoph Concordia University Montréal ac.aidrocnoc.rocla|nnurb_c#ac.aidrocnoc.rocla|nnurb_c Deleuze & Guattari, micropolitics, research creation, transversal performative ecologies, (an)architecture, Parkour and rhythm, sonic territories,
CHOW, Broderick D. V. Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London moc.liamg|wohckciredorb#moc.liamg|wohckciredorb Deleuze and Guattari, comedy (especially stand-up), social performance, Relational Aesthetics, Nicolas Bourriaud, and the art of Sophie Calle, Marc Horowitz, Darren O'Donnell, Zizek and Alain Badiou, Parkour as a performative discipline
CULL, Laura Northumbria University, UK||lluc.arual Deleuze & Guattari, Bergson, Artaud, Allan Kaprow, John Cage, Goat Island, collaboration & collective creation, animals, the voice, the ethics and politics of performance, "presence" in performance, manifestos, relation between theory/practice/practice as research, participation in performance
DADDARIO, William University of Minnesota moc.liamg|oiraddad.w#moc.liamg|oiraddad.w Baroque aesthetics; the politics of theatre and performance in and around Venice during the Counter Reformation; theorizing dramaturgy as a pedagogical resource in the university; mapping intersections between Adorno's critical and aesthetic theories and the world of contemporary U.S. performance, with artists such as Richard Foreman and John Zorn
DALMASSO, Fred University of Loughborough||djtfae Badiou, practice-led theatre translation
FERRO-MURRAY, Ashley UC Berkeley moc.liamg|yarrumorrefa#moc.liamg|yarrumorrefa Merleau-Ponty, Lyotard, Deleuze, dance and new media
GAUSS, Eva Maria moc.liamelgoog|ssuagme#moc.liamelgoog|ssuagme philosophy of the body, Philosophical Anthropology, Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, articulation of philosophy on stage, Voice and Speech
GOLUB, Spencer Brown University ude.nworb|buloG_recnepS#ude.nworb|buloG_recnepS Wittgenstein, performance behavior and philosophical mise en scene, theatre and film ontology
GRANT, Stuart Monash University ude.hsanom|tnarg.trauts#ude.hsanom|tnarg.trauts Phenomenology of Performance. Ontology of Performance. Philosophical Anthropology. Husserl, Heidegger, Levinas, Agamben, Plessner. Current projects: Phenomenology of Laughter, Performativity of Speaking, Truth in Performance
GRANZER, Susanne University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Max Reinhardt Seminar; GRENZ_Film, cultural factory Vienna Philosophy On Stage. Acting. Acting: An ecstatic mode of being-in-the-world. Homepage:
GREIL, Mariella Roehampton University London moc.liamg|lierg.alleiram#moc.liamg|lierg.alleiram Choreography, Performance, Continental Philosophy
GOTMAN, Kélina Kings College London||namtog.anilek science, nature and peformance; medical history & theory, incl. psychiatry and performance; history of ideas; cultural geography; cultural heritage; political philosophy; philosophies of history; house and home; dance; institutions; Deleuze; Foucault; language; translation; colony&post-colony; performative writing; archives
GOUDOUNA, Sozita Royal Holloway, London moc.liamg|rosivaozo#moc.liamg|rosivaozo representation, temporality, intersection of theatre and the visual arts, intermediality
HARRIS, Brent Auckland University of Technology, NZ zn.ten.raelc|sirrah.tnerb#zn.ten.raelc|sirrah.tnerb Performativity in relation to Levinas and "the Saying", Agamben and im-potentiality, and Gregory Ulmer's "Heuretics"
HEINONEN, Timo Theatre Academy, Finland if.kaet|nenonieh.omit#if.kaet|nenonieh.omit Derrida, Agamben, Badiou, Deleuze, bio-art and sci-art
HULKKO, Paulina Theatre Academy, Finland if.kaet|okkluh.aniluap#if.kaet|okkluh.aniluap Levinas, Irigaray, ethics of the stage
HURLEY, Paul University of Bristol||yelruH.luaP Practice-based research, Deleuze and Guattari, Body Art, Queer Theory, Ritual
JORGE, Vítor Oliveira University of Porto tp.xilc|egrojov#tp.xilc|egrojov prehistoric archaeology, the “bridge” between nature and culture, human and animal, matter and spirit
JOHNSTON, Daniel Macquarie University, Australia ua.ude.qm.pmcs|notsnhoJ.leinaD#ua.ude.qm.pmcs|notsnhoJ.leinaD performance as phenomenology, acting as 'practical philosophy', Heidegger, performance studies and 'corporate performance'
JUCAN, Ioana Brown University ude.nworb|nacuj_anaoi#ude.nworb|nacuj_anaoi the intersection of philosophy, theatre arts, and new media studies. In particular, my work focuses on Wittgenstein; the poetic turn in philosophy; poetic seeing in the contemporary avant-garde theatre and the logic of vision imposed by the digital; crossings between poetry and the contemporary avant-garde theatre performance; philosophy of language and performance; aural spaces
KEAR, Adrian Aberystwyth University||kca Theories of event, mimesis and representation; contemporary European theatre; avant-garde performance; performance ethics and cultural politics; theatre as an intellectual practice; performance, citizenship and social practice
KELLEHER, Joe Roehampton University, UK||rehellek.j theatre thinking, the performance of (philosophical and theoretical) thought
KHAROUBI, Liza University of Avignon rf.nongiva-vinu|ibuorahk.azil#rf.nongiva-vinu|ibuorahk.azil Emmanuel Levinas, Stanley Cavell, Simon Critchley, Derrida, Avital Ronell, Michel Serres, Bernard Stiegler in connection with contemporary European drama and new media performance
KIRKKOPELTO, Esa Theatre Academy, Finland if.kaet|otlepokkrik.ase#if.kaet|otlepokkrik.ase scene theory, deconstruction, the politics of the performing arts
KOKKONEN, Tuija Theatre Academy, Finland if.kaet|nenokkoK.ajiuT#if.kaet|nenokkoK.ajiuT Deleuze, Derrida, Agamben, relations to the non-human in performance, philosophy of (im)potentiality and time, ethics and politics of performance
LAGAAY, Alice Freie Universitat, Berlin moc.d4od|ecila#moc.d4od|ecila philosophy of voice, performativity of silence and secrets, metaphysics of performance
LAVERY, Carl Aberystwyth University||lvc French theatre and performance, landscape, and walking, the relationship between autonomous aesthetics and everyday life
LIANG, Lia Wen-Ching Royal Holloway, University of London moc.liamg|gnail.ail#moc.liamg|gnail.ail Deleuze, intercultural theatre, representation, theatricality
LOUKOLA, Maiju University of Art and Design Helsinki if.kiat|alokuoL.ujiaM#if.kiat|alokuoL.ujiaM ontology and technology of presence-absence on stage; Nancy, Derrida and Merleau-Ponty
MULLARKEY, John Kingston University||yekrallum.j Bergson, Deleuze, Badiou, Henry and Laruelle; philosophy of film; the use/abuse of animals in film and philosophy
MURRAY, Timothy Cornell University ude.llenroc|1mct#ude.llenroc|1mct Continental Philosophy, Politics of Theatricality, performance, cinema, new media, global aesthetics, intermediality and sound
NEDELKOPOULOU, Eirini University of Reading, UK||uoluopokleden.e Phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty, new media & performance
NILSSON, Christian Södertörn University, Stockholm es.hs|nosslin.naitsirhc#es.hs|nosslin.naitsirhc Phenomenology. Practical knowledge. Temporality. Gestures. Situationist international. Benjamin, Rosenzweig, Heidegger, Agamben. Contemporary dance and performance. Contact improvisation
PARKER-STARBUCK, Jen Roehampton University, UK||kcubrats-rekrap.j new media, phenomenology, worked a bit with Agamben & Badiou
PELL, Sarah Jane Aquabatics Australia moc.llepenajharas|hcraeser#moc.llepenajharas|hcraeser Post performance, aquabatics, space-art, sci-art, bio-art, Agamben, Kroker (and an interest in Steigler too)
REINELT, Janelle University of Warwick||tlenier.j post-Marxist political theory, feminism, and continental philosophy
ROKEM, Freddie Tel Aviv University||mekor Encounters
SHERMAN, Jon Northwestern University, USA ude.nretsewhtron.u|namrehs-noj#ude.nretsewhtron.u|namrehs-noj Merleau-Ponty, Bohme, Heidegger, Jacques Lecoq
SOTO-MORETTINI, Donna Edinburgh Napier University||initteroM-otoS.d acting theory and theories of consciousness; performance and cognitive science & philosophy
STALPAERT, Christel Ghent University, Belgium eb.tnegu|treaplats.letsirhc#eb.tnegu|treaplats.letsirhc performing arts at the crossroads of philosophy, especially Gilles Deleuze and Luce Irigaray); Peter Greenaway; Jan Lauwers’ Theatre Work with Needcompany
SYSSOYEVA, Kathryn Stanford University moc.liamg|aveyossys#moc.liamg|aveyossys Russian theatre practices (especially Meyerhold and Stanislavsky); issues of actor training; curriculum development
TAIT, Peta La Trobe University ua.ude.ebortal|tiat.p#ua.ude.ebortal|tiat.p Merleau-Ponty and interpreters
TOPORISIC, Tomaz University of Primorska, Slovenia is.senra.tseug|cisiropot.zamot#is.senra.tseug|cisiropot.zamot Philosophy and theory of visual and performative culture, contemporary performing arts, literature and philosophy, specifically the interaction between the three fields, postdramatic theatre, postmodern politicised art, performativity and its aesthetics (Derrida, Badiou, Zizek, Pavis, Jameson)
TWITCHIN, Mischa University of London (Goldsmiths & Queen Mary) moc.tenretnitb|nihctiwt.ahcsim#moc.tenretnitb|nihctiwt.ahcsim The thought of theory - and, what Deleuze & Guattari called, the 'task of a pedagogy of the concept'
URY, Tanya ed.engolocten|yhwerauoy#ed.engolocten|yhwerauoy Wittgenstein, see and
VAN DER HEIJDEN, Gijsbert Independent Scholar + University of Humanistics, Utrecht, the Netherlands, PhD-programme Humanization of Organization ln.etdnor|trebsjig#ln.etdnor|trebsjig Giorgio Agamben, Walter Benjamin, Kafka, Post-dramatic theatre, the liminal/liminoid, play, playing, playfulness, confronting management & organization to theatre and play
VANFLETEREN, Katrien Vuylsteke Faculty of Fine Arts, Ghent eb.tnegoh|neretelfnaVeketslyuV.neirtaK#eb.tnegoh|neretelfnaVeketslyuV.neirtaK Political dimension of contemporary theatre; politics vs political; identification process; postdramatic aesthetics; Lacan; Zizek; Stavrakakis; Lefort
VELANDIA, Gustavo Sánchez Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris rf.ssehe|zehcnas.ovatsug#rf.ssehe|zehcnas.ovatsug Trans-modern thinking and decoloniality, ethics, political philosophy, action art and performance, video art. Enrique Dussel, Emmanuel Levinas, Fernando González Ochoa, Santiago Castro Gómez, Deleuze, Foucault, Antonio Negri, Judith Butler
WATT, Dan Loughborough University||ttaw.p.d Blanchot, Derrida, Levinas, the work of Samuel Beckett and Tadeusz Kantor, the literary/theatrical fantastic, literary/performance ethics, fragmentary writing, and the nature of the puppet, or abject object, in performance
WESTFALL, Joseph University of Houston-Downtown ude.dhu|jllaftsew#ude.dhu|jllaftsew Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, philosophy of art, authorship as performance
WILMER, Steve Trinity College, Dublin ei.dct|remliws#ei.dct|remliws Nationalism: Agamben, Butler, Zizek, Herder, Hegel
WILSON, Kathleen Frei Universtet, Berlin moc.liamelgoog|gnaltakgniltak#moc.liamelgoog|gnaltakgniltak Butoh dance/theatre, transgression & the Imaginary
WISHART, Sarah Queen Mary's, London||trahsiw.s geographies of fear, performance and the city, Lefebvre, Derrida, performing remains, ethics of voice, thinking onstage, Badiou, Agamben, Benjamin, and Arendt
WONG, Melissa Wansin City University of New York moc.liamg|nisnaww#moc.liamg|nisnaww The intersections between phenomenology (theories of embodiment), existentialism and human rights. Continental philosophy and critical theory in general
ZUKAUSKAITE, Audrone CPA Research Institute tl.sakat|etiaksuakuzenordua#tl.sakat|etiaksuakuzenordua Continental Philosophy vs. Visual Studies
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