Researching Manifestos

A Manifesto Bibliography

1. Manifestos

A SpRoUt manifesto (in the style of a relay race), Part II
by SpRoUt

Better Group Sex Better Life
by Marten Spangberg

Ubu Press Manifestos collection
Ay-o,page 7
Philip Corner,page 8
W.E.B.DuBois Clubs,page 9
Oyvind Fahlström,page 11
Robert Filliou,page 16
John Giorno,page 17
Al Hansen,page 19
Dick Higgins,page 21
Allan Kaprow,page 23
Alison Knowles,page 5
Nam June Paik,page 25
Diter Rot,page 27
Jerome Rothenberg,page 28
Wolf Vostell,page 29
Robert Watts,page 18
Emmett Williams,page 30

2. On Manifestos

Hans Ulrich Obrist on Manifestos for the Future,

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